A deposit of ½ is required to book dates requested. If job is not completed, due to
client, within 60 days – the initial deposit is forfeited.


wand.2Balance is due at the end of each workday.


wand.2Garages/storage rooms/attics will have an additional fee based on extreme heat/cold. A 30% increase in price based on Professional Organizers discretion.


wand.2A 48 hr. notice is required on all cancellations for a booked (scheduled) job. A $50 fee will apply if not canceled within the deadline. Cancellations or reschedules are not accepted via email under any circumstances.


wand.2The fees are based on a Professional Organizer doing your job. If extra support is needed, additional fees apply.


wand.2If supplies are needed, either we buy them and a 35% service fee will be added, or the Professional Organizer can give the list of supplies to the client to purchase.


wand.2A minimum of 3 hours is required for any job.


wand.2Our estimates are based on the time we feel it will take to do the job. They are estimates only. If the job exceeds the time we thought necessary, we will adjust accordingly.


wand.2On the day of the job, time clock begins at scheduled time, whether client is there or not. If client has not rescheduled, they will be charged the hourly rate of their job.