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In this competitive business world, an unselfish helping hand is rare indeed. Fighting the tendency to self-absorb is difficult as pressures escalate. Yet there is much gratification in knowing that your professional organization, The Clutter Fairies, was beneficial to me.

Because of your fine work, I was able to get my house in order after moving here from Maryland. You organized my china closet, buffet, and kitchen cabinets, one of my bedrooms, and my computer room, putting my blankets in space bags to make more room! While it is up to me to get the work done, the initial results would not have been possible without your company. You came right in, without instruction, knew what I wanted and needed, and went right to work.

Thank you for making me aware of ways in which companies like yours, can help others, and for reaffirming my belief in the goodness of human nature.

Pat, Evans, Ga. April 7, 2016

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I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the work that your company did for me recently.

I still get made fun of at my office. But, at least now it is not about how cluttered and non-functional my space looks. I have always functioned pretty well, but now I look like I function pretty well. The fact that my stuff is all organized, labeled and filed properly makes me look forward to work.

I hesitate to admit this; but your service was worth much more than I paid. When you gave me the price, I felt it was a little pricey. Now, after seeing what you did for me, I think it was very reasonable. Meanwhile, you did my garage and home office as well. The difference made was incredible.

I would recommend you to any of my friends who need to de-clutter their lives. Your crew was professional and respectful of my belongings. I never felt worried about the issue of confidentiality. I will be calling you in the future to keep me in shape!

Jeff Annis April 7, 2016

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Thank you...you made the best use of the space I had...it has made my baking, cooking and cleaning much easier and more efficient. You are very professional in a caring and nonjudgmental way. Organizing has saved me money...making the purchase of multiples unnecessary.

June, Martinez, Ga. April 7, 2016

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Thank you so much for organizing my office. I was so tired of not being able to find an important memo or not knowing how to file items so I could quickly recall them when needed.
Your professional staff changed that for me in one short afternoon, completing the task in just half the time you estimated!

Frank Lee April 7, 2016

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Thanks you for all your hard work in organizing my chaos. I found you and your staff exceptionally friendly and easy to work with, and I'm very pleased with the results. I can find things in my pantry now, not to mention fit more in it, and my children are thrilled with the rediscovery of their art supplies now that they are organized and accessible. My husband's study is also more comfortable now that his shelves are organized and things are off the floor. It was a pleasure working with you and your staff.

Jennifer, Evans, Ga April 7, 2016

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I hired Julie Drew and the Clutter Fairies staff to organize my home. They took one week and organized my house room-by-room and closet-by-closet, drawer-by-drawer. My house was in great shape just in time for Masters Week. I rent my home every year and The Clutter Fairies took the stress out of getting my home in order for the week it was leased, as well as my family's day-to-day lifestyle. I was so pleased with the results, I hired them to do my business as well.

Julie and her staff came in and evaluated our unused space, wasted space, and came up with a plan to get the office organized. Julie and her fairies once again came in and got the office in order, they were professional, worked well, and did not interfere with our schedule.

Patients were not interrupted by The Clutter Fairies presence in our office. Our front desk is clutter free and runs more efficiently, they took a storage room that was totally ineffective for storage and completely renovated the room. The storage room is now well organized and well stocked, it is now easier to have access to what we need and manage our supply levels as well. They completed the office in about two weeks, and this was only because they accomodated our schedules and patient flow.

I would recommend Julie and her Clutter Fairies to anyone who is in need of getting organized. They are professional and get the job done!

David Faircloth, DMD April 7, 2016

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I can't say enough about The Clutter Fairies. My son had so many toys he had very little room to play with them. Besides that I spent so much time trying to organize them or find a missing piece that we had very little time to actually play. Now there is lots of room and peace of mind. We are having a lot more fun together. I thought I could do it myself. After 3 years I gave up. Thank god I did! Oh, and don't let me forget the office, I love it!

Karen, Martinez, GA April 7, 2016

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I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the results of your visit to my cluttered office! My late husband and I "shared" the office for many years and it was never really arranged to be a functional, organized area.
And, then after his death (which happened in that office at the computer), I was too emotional to really work in the office area except to do the bare minimum of work and I let the clutter sit. And it piled up – clutter on top of clutter.

My children, who live in another state, were not able to help me and even if they were close by, they were too emotional to begin cleaning this area. So, it got worse and worse. I was embarrassed when people would come to my house, because this was the first room they would see! But, it was so overwhelming; I didn't know where to start. I bought books, found self-help websites, and tried to make an attempt at organizing the area myself, but to no avail. I kept getting overwhelmed and discouraged. THEN I FOUND YOUR WEBSITE.

You and Angela came into my home and helped me understand what was necessary to keep and what was clutter and your encouragement gave me a new determination and a new outlook on this room. With your help, I was able to free the office area of paperwork and clutter that were weighing me down for years – long before my husband died. You made it less painful because you allowed me to cry, to laugh, to tell stories about items we found. It was not only three days of work; it was three days of grief therapy for me. It helped my grief because your attitude toward the things that we found was respectful and kind.

This month, I have been able to pay bills and file those bills with ease. I smiled and said"thank you Clutter Fairies." And I know what to do with them at the end of the year!
Thank you again! I'm on a new path and it feels wonderful. My children are so proud of me and I'm proud to have new friends – The Clutter Fairies!

Connie Burt April 7, 2016

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Within the past year we moved to our home in Evans. We came from up north, where we had a finished basement and my second pantry. When we moved here, we lost our basement and extra storage.

As I was unpacking the kitchen, all of our pantry items just got thrown into the new pantry. There was no rhyme or reason to the organization. Up until the time The Clutter Fairies came to our rescue you couldn't even walk in our walk-in pantry.

Clutter Fairies came to my house. They were on time and very friendly, and had many great suggestions! The decision was made that I would purchase the necessary items. They came back the following week to do the job. My pantry is so organized now. There are storage containers, expandable shelves, a place to put all of my grocery bags and a place for my paper towels. Every item is organized and labeled according to its purpose, i.e., spices, baking items, condiments, cereal, etc.

I have three young boys, when they want cereal or a snack, they go in and find what they are looking for. They even put everything in its proper place.

My husband loves it and so do my neighbors. If the need comes again to use The Clutter Fairies, I would not hesitate to do so.

Annette, Evans, GA April 7, 2016

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The Clutter Fairies turned a disaster into an organized, neat play area in one day. The second day they organized my son's bedroom. They even folded the clothes in the drawers neatly.! It was a dream come true!

Thanks for all your help!

Mary Ann, Evans, GA April 7, 2016

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I was really struggling to think of something to get my husband for Christmas this year. He's a big "Do-It-Yourself" guy, but I couldn't think of any tools/equipment that he didn't already have. Because of all of his little "projects" our garage was a nightmare. I had The Clutter Fairies come in and organize our garage and all his tools/equipment. They did such a wonderful job and it looks amazing!

My husband was really impressed and I say it's the "gift that keeps on giving" because every day when I pull into my garage I am so delighted .Now when he goes to do a project he can find everything easily and it will be easy to clean up because everything has a "home" now. It also has inspired me to reorganize other areas of the house myself using the things I saw them do.

I just wanted to recommend their services, if you or anyone you know is in need of some help with organizing.

Cori, Evans, GA April 7, 2016

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I wanted to thank you for helping me get the house de-cluttered and ready to put on the market. I was very pleased with how efficient and timely my "Clutter Fairy" was! She was fantastic! Thanks again!

Myra, Evans, GA April 7, 2016

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Your evaluation visit with me made clear the services you could provide and the cost. You selected precisely the right person to work with me. She was prompt, cheerful, flexible, and incredibly focused-full of practical, helpful suggestions for sorting and packing. She worked like 6 demons! I am still awed by the amount of stuff we cleaned/took out of this house in 4 short days.
A key value of your service is willingness to tote the load of stuff to be donated. As I'm sure you know, when one is moving, time is at a premium. Your fairy's willingness to carry whole carloads to Goodwill, the library, the women's shelter, etc. and return my empty bins and receipts to me saved me literally hours of time. This was a tremendous bonus. The Clutter Fairies service was worth every penny of the cost. In fact, to anyone who is planning a move, I'd say "don't leave home without them!"

Catherine, Augusta, GA April 7, 2016

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You were an absolute delight to work with! You came right in and turned 3 TOTALLY chaotic closets into a neat, organized space in no time at all. If I had tried to do it on my own, it would have never happened. I would have been taking trips down memory lane and would have never gotten it done. It was absolutely worth the money.

Now, if they'd just come every week and make sure I keep it this way!! I definitely plan on having them out to organize my kitchen in the near future.

You were very professional. You didn't try to "oversell" me. I was very impress and highly recommend The Clutter Fairies.

Bonnie, Evans, GA April 7, 2016

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I love my Clutter Fairy! I can't say enough...they were professional, prompt and friendly...truly great customer service! I can find my Tupperware and lids, I have a clean pantry, my grocery shopping is easier, I can see the floors of my kids closets...wish I would have found them sooner!

Mary Beth, Martinez, Ga. April 7, 2016

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Thank you for organizing my kitchen, you did a wonderful job! You made the best use of the space I had and it has made my baking, cooking, and even cleaning much easier and more efficient.
You are very professional, it is not easy to show people the errors of their ways in a caring and non-judgemental way.
Not only is my kitchen easier to keep clean, organizing has saved me money.

Being able to see what you already have makes the purchase of multiples unnecessary. Being more organized and clutter free has saved me time, energy, and money.

Again, thanks for a wonderful job.

June, Martinez, GA April 7, 2016