“Why would I want to hire a Professional Organizer?”     closets

Being Professional Organizers shows that we are committed to providing clients with our professional expertise and service.

“I’ve always been disorganized, can you really help me?”

Yes, one of our sayings is “We haven’t met anyone we couldn’t organize. It is true. We look at each client differently. What works for one may not work for another. We put systems in place that work for you and your needs.

“Do I have to throw everything away?”

No. You decide what is thrown away. We will ask you questions to evoke thought….when are you going to use this item again? Or how long has it been since you’ve worn this? We will make suggestions….it is ultimately up to you. Just remember, if we take the same amount of things out of the area we are organizing, and put them all back in the area, even if it is in an organized fashion, have we really done our job?

“Do I have to be present? Do you do the work or tell me how to do it?”

These are both your decision. Some clients prefer to work with us, others want the job completed before they come home, other clients need a consultation so that they may do it themselves.

“I am a private person, and am very embarrassed at the condition I have let my home/office get in.”

As professional organizers we recognize the level of trust placed in us by our clients, and we are guided by a code of ethics. We are confidential in every aspect of our profession, and treat you with compassion. We are not there to judge you, we are there to help you.

“How long will it take to get me organized?”

Each organizing project is different. The length of a project depends on the size of your home or office, the amount of clutter and paper that has accumulated, and how quickly you make decisions about what stays and what goes. We try to give as close of an estimated time as we can. Sometimes it takes less, sometimes more. Remember, it always looks worse before it looks better-we have to have sorting areas if the room that we are working in is small. Plus, keep in mind, that the clutter didn’t appear overnight, it will take time and effort to get you organized.

“How much will it cost to get me organized?”

Please check our Pricing Page. We take our payments via Cash, Checks and PayPal. ½ of the job is due upfront, and the balance is paid each day we are at the job.

“I am normally an organized person, so how did I become so disorganized?”

Life happens. Although we have good intentions, there are other things in our lives that take priority. Sometimes it’s difficult to manage what life throws at us on a daily basis. We can help you get back on track.