How we work our magic:

1. Take clutter inventory: This session is designed to assess your “clutter level”.

2. Put together a plan of action: Present the recommendations on the time it will take to clear the clutter to include, but not limited to:

check Sorting: Taking items out, then purging.

check Filing: To include implementation of filing systems if there are none.

check Creating organizing systems: In all areas of the home/office.

check Storing: Labeling storage containers, bins, boxes, finding homes for all items.

check Shredding: Have shredder, will travel! We also have contacts for on-site shredding of large jobs.

check Donating: We will drop off your unwanted items (restrictions apply) to Goodwill, S. Army, Library, etc.

check Evaluation of Organizing products to purchase: Client can purchase, or we purchase for a small fee.

check Packing/Unpacking: Got those need to move or just moved blues? We can help get your entire house ready!

3. Clear the clutter so you can start living!!


We de-clutter everything!!

check Small offices/Home offices

check Closets

check Bedrooms

check Kids rooms (playrooms/bonus rooms, too)

check Bathrooms

check Laundry Rooms

check Garages (seasonal, extra charges may apply)

check Storage rooms (seasonal, extra charges may apply)

check Kitchens

check Even cars!